Compact camera Seek Thermal Shot, SW-AAA

Advanced thermovision imaging in simple device
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Thermal camera
Compact thermal camera Seek Thermal Shot with SeekFusion image enhancement, Wi-Fi 206x156px up to 330degC FOV 36deg 9Hz LED
Product code: SW-AAA

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Highest resolution, most full-featured ​thermal imaging camera in its class
Seek Shot is the most advanced thermal imaging camera for building professionals. Capture a photo and analyze immediately with on-device measurement tools. Add spot measurements and temperature boxes to create time-saving reports on the spot. Precisely diagnose problems with 5 to 15 times higher resolution than comparably priced cameras. Use SeekFusion to expose problems with adjustable blending of visible and thermal images. Additionally, Seek Shot lets you stream and share to a smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi. A built-in tripod mount for fixed monitoring and collaboration.
Pocked-sized handheld thermal imager Seek Shot has everything you've ever needed from a thermal imaging camera.

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On-Device Analysis
Edit photos to add multiple spot measurements, isolate areas of interest with temperature boxes, and change color palettes to identify problems faster and with more accuracy. Close more business with easy-to-understand photos that clearly display faults, energy loss, and mechanical issues.

SeekFusion combines the diagnostic power of thermal imaging with the context and detail of a visible image. Adjust the blend to quickly expose hidden problems. SeekFusion lets you create the perfect photo that tells the whole story.

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WiFi Streaming
Stream live to your smartphone or tablet. Connect to the free SeekView app, transfer and analyze photos, and easily create reports. With a built-in tripod mount, Seek Shot is great for fixed monitoring and hard-to-reach areas.

Ruggedized Ergonomic Design
A slim, pocket-sized thermal camera built for the field. Seek Shot is designed to withstand the elements with a durable IP54 rating.

Large Touch Screen Display
Vibrant, 3.5” color touch screen with 640x480 resolution lets you inspect with ease. The large visual workspace makes it easy to adjust thermal analysis tools so you can get the job done on the spot.

Extended Battery Life
Inspect more and charge less. Seek Shot has up to 4-hour runtime on a single charge.

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  • 36° field of view
  • Post capture analysis tools
  • SeekFusion™
  • WiFi streaming via free SeekView app
  • Capture photos & video
  • Large touch screen display
  • 3 customizable spot temperatures
  • 3 customizable area boxes with min, max and avg
  • Lock and adjust temperature span​
  • Automatic Hi/Low temperature indicators
  • 8 color palettes
  • 4 emissivity presets
  • <9Hz frame rate

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Kit contents
  • Thermovision Camera
  • Wrist Lanyard
  • USB Cable
  • User's Guide (in English, French and German)