Solar Street Lamp with Motion Sensor, SSL32

Solar powered light source This lamp is easy use wherewehre you need it

Solar lamp
Solar Street Lamp with Motion Sensor, Solar Panel 18W
Product code: SSL32

Lampa solarna
Independent solar light systems are designed to give you freedom of your small architecture desing.
Light sources can be placed where it's really needed, not only where there is a power line access.
Ecological solar panel recharges free of charge the build in battery during the day to let the light turn on automatically after dusk.

Lampa solarna
The most important features:
  • efficient solar panel - quickly recharging your built-in battery
  • ALS2.0+VFT+TCS technology for all night lighting even in cloudy or rainy day
  • lithium ion battery -i the safest and most durable solution currently available on the market
  • built-in motion sensor - the light will be on only when you need it
  • built-in twilight sensor - the light is turned on automatically at dusk
  • waterproof lamp casing - reliable, regardless of weather conditions

Lampa solarna
Technical data:
  • built-in solar panel 18W
  • battery: 40000mAh; Li-Ion
  • power of the light source: 2000lm
  • built-in LED light
  • built-in motion sensor
  • built-in twilight sensor
  • waterproof lamp casing
  • dimensions: 678x303x84mm
  • weight: 5,1kg
  • PV dimensions: 542x241mm

Lampa solarna
Working modes
  • 30% light power / 100% light power when move detected
  • 10% light power / 100% light power when move detected
  • 10% light power till dawn
  • 30% light power till dawn
  • 60% light power till dawn
  • 100% light power till dawn
  • Timer settings: from 1h to 8h