Filament Create and PRO, PLA, 25pcs, 5 colours, PL-MIXNEW1

The set includes 25 pieces of additional PLA filament

Filament 3Doodler Create and PRO
Filament 3Doodler Create and PRO, PLA, 3mm, 25 pieces, 5 colours, Mix1
Product code: PL-MIXNEW1

Filament 3Doodler Create i PRO
Set contains:
  • 25 pieces of PLA cartridges
  • Cartridge diameter: 3mm
  • Cartridge length: 25.4mm
  • Colors: black, grey, white, transparent and blue transparent
  • Compatibility: 3Doodler Pro, 3Doodler Create Plus, 3Doodler Create, 3Doodler 2.0, 3Doodler 1.0

Filament 3Doodler Create i PRO
3Doodler is one of those fantastic ideas that seem so obvious in retrospect that it is hard to believe that they are only now being implemented.

The idea is simple: the 3Doodler pen draws with a heated filament, which makes it possible to building 3D objects in the same way as a 3D printer, but without creating computer models.

Using the 3Doodler pen is incredibly simple. To start creative play, just put the selected color of the filament in the guide and after a while your child can start creating. The only limitation is your own ingenuity.

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