Laptop Backpack 15.6'' with solar panel 6.5W, SBS12

Solar powered mobile charger gives you freedom of use
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Laptop backpack
Laptop Backpack 15.6'' with solar panel 6.5W, output: USB 5V, 1.2A
Product code: SBS12

Plecak na laptopa
Mobile power sources are designed to give freedom for all your small electronic devices.
Power stored in internal battery or just direct sunlight radiation it allows you to recharge your phone whenever you are.
Safe batteries and electronic charging protection systems ensures that it's a good idea to choose our product for your next trip.

Plecak na laptopa
The most important features:
  • efficient solar panel - you can charge your phone directly from the sun
  • waterproof casing – be confident and independent wherever you are and whatever you do
  • system of convenient handles - you can put your charger in any place you want
  • large compartment backpack - you will be able to pack lots of useful things in your backpack, as well as to safely carry your laptop 15.6'' max
  • easy to clean - machine washable, sun drying

Plecak na laptopa
Technical data:
  • efficient solar panel 6.5W
  • USB output: 5V, 1.2A
  • waterproof casing
  • dimensions: 540x220x390mm
  • weight: 0,82kg
  • PV dimensions: 310x170mm