Power Bank 2600mAh (9,62Wh) - Li-Ion, output: USB 5V, 1A

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Our mobile energy source will let you stay in contact with the world
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Power Bank 2600mAh
Power Bank 2600mAh (9,62Wh) - Li-Ion, output: USB 5V, 1A
Product code: P2600W

Power Bank 2600mAh
Mobile power sources are designed to give freedom for all your small electronic devices.
Power stored in internal battery or just direct sunlight radiation it allows you to recharge your phone whenever you are.
Safe batteries and electronic charging protection systems ensures that it's a good idea to choose our product for your next trip.

Power Bank 2600mAh
The most important features:
  • well-fitted casing - the product is resistant to dirt and dust, with very durable USB sockets
  • elegant finish - the product will prove to be reliable in every situation
  • very unique shape - to emphasize your individuality

Power Bank 2600mAh
Technical data:
  • battery: 2600mAh (9,62Wh); Li-Ion
  • USB output: 5V, 1A
  • dimensions: 74x31x22mm
  • weight: 0,08kg