Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor, Solar Panel 3W, ESL08

Solar powered light source This lamp is easy use wherewehre you need it
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Solar sconce
Wall Lamp with Motion Sensor, Solar Panel 3W
Product code: ESL08

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Independent solar light systems are designed to give you freedom of your small architecture desing.
Light sources can be placed where it's really needed, not only where there is a power line access.
Ecological solar panel recharges free of charge the build in battery during the day to let the light turn on automatically after dusk.

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The most important features:
  • efficient solar panel - quickly recharging your built-in battery
  • lithium polymer battery - smaller and lighter than standard batteries and, most importantly, offering longer battery life
  • built-in motion sensor - the light will be on only when you need it
  • built-in twilight sensor - the light is turned on automatically at dusk
  • waterproof lamp casing - reliable, regardless of weather conditions

Kinkiet solarny
Technical data:
  • efficient solar panel 3W
  • battery: 4000mAh (14,8Wh), Li-Poly
  • power of the light source: 300lm
  • built-in motion sensor
  • built-in twilight sensor
  • waterproof lamp casing
  • dimensions: 281x175x205mm
  • weight: 1,2kg