Solar UV virucidal lamp 3in1 1000lm LED PV 1W, SWL-15

Solar UV virucidal lamp 3in1 1000lm LED PV 1W, SWL-15

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Solar powered light source This lamp is easy use wherewehre you need it

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Solar UV lamp 3in1
Solar UV germicidal lamp 1000lm 3in1, wall lamp, portable lighting, virus killer, LED x20, PV 1W, motion and twilight sensor
Product code: SWL-15

Lampa solarna UV 3w1
Independent solar light systems are designed to give you freedom of your small architecture desing.
Light sources can be placed where it's really needed, not only where there is a power line access.
Ecological solar panel recharges free of charge the build in battery during the day to let the light turn on automatically after dusk.

Lampa solarna UV 3w1
Working principle
Ultraviolet UV-C photons interrupt DNA, making them instantly inactive, killing them. The virus killed will no longer infect anyone.
Ozone is a strong oxidant, it also has a characteristic, that is, it is very active. It is easy to combine with oxygen atoms in the air to form oxygen, which can be reduced at the same time. It can disinfect every corner without secondary pollution
Ozone can successfully fight disease, because it can enter human cells directly.
Ozone application
In bathrooms, kitchens, pet rooms, etc., people can take ozone for more thorough disinfection when they are not at home.
Ozone has a strong oxidation effect and can effectively kill bacteria. The dispersion of ozone can only make up for the disadvantage of ultraviolet. The disadvantage of ultraviolet is linear disinfection. After disinfection with ozone the window must be opened to remove ozone before entering.

Lampa solarna UV 3w1
The most important features
  • high efficiency solar panel – quickly recharging your built-in battery
  • wireless power supply through the sun's rays – an environmentally friendly solution
  • ALS+TCS technology for all night lighting even in cloudy or rainy day
  • 2 lighting modes – adjusting the light power according to your own needs
  • built-in motion sensor up to 5m range – the light will be on only when you need it
  • built-in twilight sensor – turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically
  • low operating costs
  • waterproof lamp casing – reliable, regardless of weather conditions
  • elegant design – match the surround perfectly

Lampa solarna UV 3w1
Technical data
  • light source: LED x20, UV x6
  • UV LED: UVC 260~280nm / 10000h / 24mWpower of the light source: 1000lm
  • light color: pure white, 4000K, Ra 80+
  • beam angle: 120°
  • built-in solar panel: 1W
  • PV dimensions: 80x72mm
  • battery: 7.4Wh, Li-Ion / USB 2A
  • charging time: 10h
  • lighting time: 10 days
  • built-in motion sensor (up to 5m)
  • built-in twilight sensor (≥50Lux off, ≤10Lux on)
  • protection class: IP 65
  • impact protection: IK 10
  • lighting modes: wall lighting 20 + PIR (1000lm) / 0 + PIR (1000lm), portable lighting 20lm / 150lm
  • installation height: 1.6m
  • dimensions: 225x81x72mm
  • weight: 500g
  • package dimensions: 235x86x78mm
  • package weight: 550g

Lampa solarna UV 3w1
  • Disinfection / Ozonation
  • Outdoor wall lamp
  • Portable lighting (flashlight)

Lampa solarna UV 3w1
Please note that the times given for charging by the solar panel refer to ideal radiation conditions in our latitude. The deviation of the angle of incidence of sunlight and partial shading have a radical effect on the efficiency of such a source, so as a result they extend the charging time.

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