• More energy

    for your mobile devices

If you need more power


If you need more power

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The powerbank will let you stay online and recharge your mobile devices when needed. Power stored in internal battery can be used to recharge your smartphone, smartwatch, gps tracker, MP3 player, action camera or any other usb charged device. Don't let your favourite moments to run away , stay connected with your family and friends.

Mobile power sources are designed to give freedom for all your small electronic devices.
Power stored in internal battery or just direct sunlight radiation it allows you to recharge your phone whenever you are.
Safe batteries and electronic charging protection systems ensures that it's a good idea to choose our product for your next trip.

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Independent solar light systems are designed to give you freedom of your small architecture desing.
Light sources can be placed where it's really needed, not only where there is a power line access.
Ecological solar panel recharges free of charge the build in battery during the day to let the light turn on automatically after dusk.